How To Order

Luxxe Products are distributed only by Frontrow International and its business associates. If you are planning to buy any of Luxxe products, you should contact only the authorized distributors.

While the main objective of this website is to provide a non-biased reviews of Luxxe products, we are also happy to help you connect with Frontrow business associates to proceed with your order details.


Ways to Connect


  • You can send a message directly to a Frontrow associate at 09175257911. This option will give you a quick response to your concerns.


  • If you do not want to wait for a reply through text, you can even give Frontrow associate a call at 09175257911. While this option is the most quick and fast way to talk to a Frontrow associate, you can’t always expect to receive a quality responses due to case to case basis situation.


  • If you are outside the country, you can send an email and expect a response within the day. This option is the most convenient way to communicate with an associate as this is the best time your associate is addressing buyer concerns.


  • You can also use our chat box to inquire about how to order, delivery process, mode of payments REAL TIME.

You can contact an associate through email by using the contact us page or you can contact us on Facebook.