Frequently Asked Questions on Luxxe White

Question: Does Luxxe White have adverse side effects?

Luxxe White Benefits
Luxxe White Benefits

Answer: None. You will get a whiter skin as a side effect of taking Luxxe White. What it does, is to cleanse toxins from your body. That’s why it may take longer for you to achieve a whiter skin because of existing toxins in your body. Don’t expect that glowing, whiter skin after just one bottle. You need to take at least three bottles for the best effect. Again, Luxxe White cleans your body before giving you a whiter skin. So avoid toxic foods such as fatty foods and develop a healthy diet for quicker effect.

Question: Does my skin return to normal if I stop taking Luxxe White? Answer: In short and simple language, yes. Because your body will be accumulating toxins again. Users usually ask this question because they find Luxxe White expensive. Well, quality comes at a price. That’s why we are offering Frontrow Packages which will entitle you to a 50% discount. If you want to know more about our packages, send us a message at  Question: Is it effective? Answer: Yes! We have been awarded multiple times as the MOST EFFECTIVE WHITENING SUPPLEMENT in Asia and the Philippines. Thousands of users have proved it, you’re the next to do it!

Luxxe White Benefits
Luxxe White for Best Quality
Luxxe White for Most Powerful Whitening Supplement
Luxxe White for Most Effective Whitening Supplement

Question: I used one bottle of Luxxe White for 2 Weeks, why are there to visible effects. Answer: Using question #1 as reference, getting a whiter skin is a process. We do not offer an instant solution for whiter skin. If you haven’t yet seen visible results, it’s because Luxxe White is doing its job to clean the toxins. But we can offer tips on how to use Luxxe White effectively. Kindly watch this video to know more.

Where to buy Legit Luxxe Products Online

Luxxe White is undeniably the most effective whitening supplement in the Philippines. You see it a lot on Facebook, you’re friend uses it and you’ve seen how effective it is. Now, you’re eager to try it. You want to get rid of those pimples, have a whiter skin or simply achieve a healthier body. How do you make sure that you buy legit Luxxe Products?

Yes, we are not safe from imitations. This is a serious issue because taking fake Luxxe White can cause serious health problems. I have not yet made a post about how to distinguish fake Luxxe White from the real ones but I made list of the best sources or sellers you can buy Luxxe White from. If you bought from any of these, I can assure you that the Luxxe White you bought is legit. So here they are:

  1. Frontrow Office/Branch – This is the safest source to buy Luxxe White from. (This is not online) We have over 80 branches all over the country, you can find the list of our branches here. If there is one near you, you are lucky. Drop by for a visit and we will gladly help you out. You can also attend our business orientations in our branches and get to know more about this life-changing business. It’s where all our transactions are processed. (Mother lode). You can sign up for membership, ask about products and find out a whole lot more about our company.
  2. Frontrow Distributors – If there are no branches near you or you don’t have the time to visit our branches,you have two options. You can meet up or ask for the product to be shipped to you.
    1. If you are meeting up with a seller, just look for his/her ID as proof of his membership. You can meet up in Coffee Shops or fast food restaurants. Just set your appointment, and be there on time.
    2. If you want your product shipped to you, look for proof of shipping from the seller for credibility check. After checking the credibility, you must have to pay first before you ask for the product to be delivered, as your product will be ordered by the seller from the office before it gets shipped to you. That would help the seller a lot, and actually motivates him/her to quickly process your order. Don’t argue that it will be shipped first before you pay, that’s too compromising for the seller. Bogus sellers are depressing, but bogus buyers are a lot worse. They’re a waste of time and energy. As I said, paying first motivates a seller to prioritize your order. That’s what the credibility check is for.
  3. – Yes, you can order from this website. We offer Cash, Credit Card, and Cash on Delivery payments with free shipping, all from the comfort of your home. Hassle free and secure. We don’t get your payments until our product is delivered. Our normal delivery time is 1-2 days. We use LBC as our courier and have delivered more than 100 bottles to satisfied buyers

Start Your Own Business and Earn with Frontrow

Hey there, thank you for visiting Frontrow Shoppe. You’re here for a reason, and you did not come here by chance. You might be an employee looking for a way to earn extra income to help pay the bills, or a student trying to help his/her parents. Or you are simply interested with the business and how it works.

You’ve come to the right place! In this short tutorial, we will show you how Frontrow Works, what it can do for you and your family. Earning money from work is hard, but you can complement it by doing Frontrow.

What exactly is Frontrow?

Frontrow is a company made to help people increase their source of income. It allows people with zero experience in business an opportunity to expand their career choices. The micro-business nature of the company allows people to start their own business without having to spend thousands. Frontrow has changed many people’s lives, allowing them to achieve the financial freedom they want. And the better part is you could spend time with your family while enjoying a steady stream of income with Frontrow.

Before you watch the video, we would like to request that you discard all previous knowledge and assumptions about Frontrow. We would also like you to watch it without interruptions, and we highly suggest that you finish it. Once you’ve started it, go through all the video or you won’t get a full grasp of the business.

After you’ve finished the video, I know you’ve liked it. Now, try looking at our different packages and see what suits you best.

If you have questions feel free to contact me:
Facebook Messenger:
SMS/VIBER/WHATSAPP: 09508651005 (Smart) / 09566838728 (Globe)

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How to avail the 50% discount off Frontrow/Luxxe Products

Hey there! Thanks for visiting our website. I know you are here because you want to use Luxxe White and get rid of those pimples, or you want to achieve a lighter skin color. You want to try it out but the price is a little bit too high. Well, quality comes at a price. You wouldn’t expect too much from a cheap product, would you? But I’m not saying you can’t get a discount, well the real discount. Somebody might have offered you a discount, like ₱500 off or it comes with a free product. But please don’t take that, the product you will get is either fake or expired. Luxxe White is a quality product, being awarded as the most effective whitening supplement. We won’t offer it lower than what it’s really worth.

So, back to the question – How do I get a discount with Luxxe White? Well, why should you get a discount? Probably you want a discount because of you’re one of the following people:

  1. You want to try Luxxe White and can’t afford the product. I suggest you really should avail the membership package. Because Luxxe White is very effective, you will regret not availing the membership package and not getting that precious 50% discount. And you would be taking more Luxxe White bottles, in case your first bottle didn’t work out. Sometimes it takes at least three bottles for some people. I just want you to save more.
  2. You are a Luxxe White user and found Luxxe White effective (I told you). I’m sure you want a second bottle so you can maintain that color you want.
  3. Lastly, you have seen profitability with Luxxe White and want to become a reseller, earn extra income, while maintaining a youthful skin.

There is only one answer that works for these three. You simply need to avail any of our membership packages.

What are the benefits of that comes along with the membership package?

  • All packages come with products and free membership to the company.
  • You will get a lifetime 50% on all Frontrow products. Again, it’s a lifetime (til you’re 95 or more). It’s just a one time fee for a lifetime benefit.
  • You will be able to access all Frontrow Offices around the world for free. You can purchase from branches other than where you signed up. Just bring your Frontrow ID or one Valid ID.
  • The best part as a member is you have a chance to earn extra money. All members have a chance to earn a maximum of ₱600,000 per month. if you want to learn more about earning with Frontrow, you can find out here.
  • You can qualify for free tours and rebates just by purchasing products, and it would be a bonus if you are able to sell.

So the next question is, “How do you sign up for a membership package?”

  1. The first step would be to look for an authorized distributor. Look no further. I’m (Lloyd Rick Guyon) here. Click here to send me a message. Or send me a message thru SMS/VIBER/Whatsapp at +639508651005 (Smart) and +639566838728 (Globe).
  2. Next, choose the type of package that you would want to avail. The packages are listed below.
  3. After you decide which package to avail, you proceed with the payment. You can go directly to our office or let me process your account.
    a.You can sign up at our office, simply set a date and time for an appointment.
    b. Or you can let me to process your account for you, I will need the payment upfront.I will ship your products to your address. If you have some doubts, you can look at my proof of shipping.
  4. That’s it, all your next purchase will have 50% off.

What are our packages?

We only have four types of packages that you can choose from. They are different but all will entitle you free membership and 50% discount on all products. You can choose which suits you budget or which package would you like to start with.

The Platinum package costs only ₱14988. If you want to earn more and maximize your income with Frontrow, this is the best package to start with. I has more benefits in store for you, such as rebates up to 5% for just purchasing products. It has four types you can choose from:

Platinum A: Whitening Package

3 Luxxe White (60 Capsules)
x ₱2980 each
1 Luxxe Slim (60 Capsules) x ₱2980 each
1 Luxxe Renew (60 Capsules) x ₱2980 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240
1 #02 Oatmeal Bar x ₱240
1 #03 Kojic Papaya Bar x ₱240

Platinum B: Slimming Package

3 Luxxe Slim (60 Capsules)
x ₱2980 each
1 Luxxe White (60 Capsules) x ₱2980 each
1 Luxxe Renew (60 Capsules) x ₱2980 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240
1 #02 Oatmeal Bar x ₱240
1 #03 Kojic Papaya Bar x ₱240

Platinum C: Anti-aging Package

3 Luxxe Renew (60 Capsules)
x ₱2980 each
1 Luxxe White (60 Capsules)
x ₱2980 each
1 Luxxe Slim (60 Capsules)
x ₱2980 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240
1 #02 Oatmeal Bar x ₱240
1 #03 Kojic Papaya Bar x ₱240

Platinum D: All Star Package

1 Luxxe White (60 Capsules)
x ₱2980 each
1 Luxxe Slim (60 Capsules) x ₱2980 each
1 Luxxe Renew (60 Capsules) x ₱2980 each
6 Luxxe Protect (30 Capsules) x ₱1000 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240
1 #02 Oatmeal Bar x ₱240
1 #03 Kojic Papaya Bar x ₱240

The Gold package costs ₱10988. The second best package. It has four types you can choose from:

Gold A: Whitening Package

2 Luxxe White (60 Capsules) x ₱2980 each
2 Luxxe Protect (30 Capsules) x ₱1000 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240

Gold B: Slimming Package

     2 Luxxe Slim (60 Capsules) x ₱2980 each
2 Luxxe Protect (30 Capsules) x ₱1000 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240
    TOTAL WORTH: ₱8200

Gold C: Anti-aging Package

2 Luxxe Renew (60 Capsules) x ₱2980 each
2 Luxxe Protect (30 Capsules) x ₱1000 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240
    TOTAL WORTH: ₱8200

Gold D: All Star Package

1 Luxxe White (30 Capsules) x ₱2500 each
1 Luxxe Slim (30 Capsules) x ₱2200 each
1 Luxxe Renew (30 Capsules) x ₱2200 each
1 Luxxe Protect (30 Capsules) x ₱1000 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240
    TOTAL WORTH: ₱8140

The Silver Package costs ₱5988. These are your choices:

Silver A: Whitening Package

1 Luxxe White (30 Capsules 60 Capsules)
₱2500 ₱2980 each [for a limited time]
1 Luxxe Protect (30 Capsules) x ₱1000
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240

Silver B: Slimming Package

1 Luxxe Slim (30 Capsules)
x ₱2200 each
1 Luxxe Protect (30 Capsules) x ₱1000 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240
    TOTAL WORTH: ₱3440

Silver C: Anti-aging Package

1 Luxxe Renew (30 Capsules)
x ₱2200 each
1 Luxxe Protect (30 Capsules) x ₱1000 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240

The Bronze Package costs only ₱3988. If you are just a user or don’t have the budget, you can start with the Bronze Package. These are your choices:

Bronze A: Whitening Package

1 Luxxe White (30 Capsules 60 Capsules)
₱2500 ₱2980 each [for a limited time]
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240

Bronze B: Slimming Package

1 Luxxe Slim (30 Capsules)
x ₱2500 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240

Bronze C: Anti-aging Package

1 Luxxe Renew (30 Capsules)
x ₱2500 Each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240
    TOTAL WORTH: ₱2740

Bronze D: Immune Booster Package

2 Luxxe Protect (30 Capsules)
x ₱1000 each
1 #01 Whitening Bar x ₱240
    TOTAL WORTH: ₱2240


So there you have it. All the details for the packages. Choose carefully which package suits you. Don’t forget to reach out to me if you have more questions. I’m excited to see you on my team! Good day!

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How to order and where to buy Luxxe White

Looking where to buy Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione? Order from our website or talk to a representative. Look through our options below to know which is best for you.

Click here to Order Luxxe White Now!
Luxxe White

1. Order through our website

  • Click here to place your order.
  • After placing your order by adding it to your cart, you can proceed to checkout using CheckMeOut.
  • Choose between paying with Cash, Credit Card, or Cash on Delivery.
  • You will receive a confirmation email containing the details of your order.

2. Talk to a representative

  • You can reach us through our contact number at +6395 0865 1005 for Smart and +6395 668 38728 for Globe.
  • Just give us a call or text your intent to order Luxxe White together with your Name and Address.

3. Process your order through our Facebook Page

  • You can talk to us directly from your messenger.
  • Just CLICK HERE or MESSAGE FRONTROW SHOPPE and we will guide you through your order process.
  • We are online 24/7 to give you the best shopping experience.

So there it goes. We wish you the best shopping experience and satisfaction with our products.

Disclaimer: Frontrow Shoppe is a legit distributor of Frontrow International Products. All logo, trademarks and product design is property of Frontrow International Inc.

What you should not know about Luxxe White

Have you ever heard about Luxxe White? Over the internet, from your friend or someone you don’t know. And you’re wondering if it really works, if it is safe and is effective. Guess what, we’ll answer that right away. Keep reading to know more. Like our page on Facebook (Frontrow Shoppe)

So what is Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione?

  • Luxxe White has Enhanced Type of Glutathione in the form of capsules taken orally.
  • Glutathione is a primary protectant of skin, lens, cornea, and retina against radiation damage. It also aids in detoxifying the liver, kidneys, lungs and other organs.
  • It actually boosts the production of Glutathione from our body. Our body produces Glutathione naturally but the process slows down as our body ages.
  • It has the highest dosage at 775mg per capsule. And is clinically tested to be easily absorbed by the body.
  • It already contains 25mg of Grapeseed Extract which greatly aids the absorption of Glutathione by our body.
  • LUXXE White ENHANCED Glutathione has a higher absorption rate compared to other REDUCED formulas found in the market.
  • It’s side effect is you will have a fairer, glowing and whiter skin.
Click Here to Order Luxxe White Now!
Get Free Shipping Nationwide!

Is it safe?

Luxxe White is safe for intake (up to four capsules a day) as apporoved the Food and Drugs Administration in the USA, Philippines and Dubai. Frontrow Enterprise is also legally registered business and distributor for Luxxe Products.

The following certifications and legalities will confirm that.

Frontrow Enterprise is legally registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
Luxxe White is approved for sale by the Food and Drugs Administration of the Philippines
Click Here to Order Luxxe White Now!
Get Free Shipping Nationwide!

Does it really work?

Thousands of Filipinos have already proven it and were even featured on TV. An example is Dave Villanueva:

Another example is miss Cristina Blue. She had a problem with pimples for a long time. When she decided to use Luxxe White, the world was more than surprised with her results. She became an instant internet sensation.

Click Here to Order Luxxe White Now!
Get Free Shipping Nationwide!

Even Celebrities joined the craze:

Nicole Ann Barot (@nicoleannbarot)

Oliver Posadas (@oliverposadas)

A post shared by Oliver Posadas (@oliverposadas) on

Sachzna Laparan (@sachzna)

A post shared by Sachzna Laparan (@sachzna) on

And more… Thousands have already proven that it works, now it’s your turn. Get that skin tone you want! If you have dark spots, don’t worry. We got you covered! Click here to Order yours now while supply lasts!

From fat to hot! Dave Villanueva reveals another secret

Do you remember Dave Villanueva? He became an internet sensation after posting his before and after transformation. He went from bullied to instantly famous. He even got featured on TV. Watch below. Part of his secret was Frontrow’s Luxxe White – the company’s best selling product. Now he reveals another: Luxxe Slim! Find out how he did it in the post below.

No doubt Luxxe White had done its part. But do you know how Dave lose weight easily?

Dave Villanueva’s Post

Dave Villanueva Before
Dave weighed in at 76 kilograms. He tried a lot of products before trying Luxxe Slim. Much to his delight, it helped him lose weight faster.
Credits: Dave Villanueva

Here is his post:


Ayoko na ng mataba. Ayoko na matawag na balyena. Akala ko kapag nakikita ni crush na marami ako pambili ng masasarap na pagkain sasama na siya makipag-date sakin. Pero hindi, lalo pa siyang lumayo sakin.

I took it as a challenge and my biggest motivation. And this created a desire to seek some change in me.

I took slimming teas, Garcinia Cambogia at marami pang iba pero wala namang effect. I tried so many products but all of them failed me. Super frustrated. Sinayang ko lang pera ko.

Nag-enroll ako sa GYM and started doing my diet. Noong una, sobrang hirap. I have to give up a lot of things just to reach my goal. May mga panahon pang mapapa-tanong ka na lang bakit ba ginagawa mo yung bagay na toh.

I did my research, read some online testimonials and tried LUXXE SLIM. I found out that this product is marked as safe and effective by the Food and Drug Administration with all the necessary certificates tapos HALAL certified. So I give it a try!

This food supplement helped me lose weight while also taking care of my body. Sobrang obsess ako sa pagda-diet noon pero napansin ko nung nag-take ako ng Luxxe Slim, it contains 150 mg green tea extract which helped me naturally lose weight. Luxxe Slim also serves as fat burner kaya everytime na mag-ggym ako pinagpapawisan ako ng sobra, which means marami akong nabuburn na taba. Kung familiar ka sa Fit N Right and other slimming drinks, Luxxe Slim has also L-Carnitine which serves as fuel for your body because it converts fatty acids into energy.

From 76kgs, I’m down to 58kgs.

Super happy kasi crush na ako ng crush ko, pero hindi ko na siya crush kasi siya na ngayon ang mataba. Sumabay kana sa bagong uso ngayon. Try mo na din mag-luxxe slim, stay fit and healthy 😇”

Order Luxxe Slim Now!

He revealed in his post that he tried slimming teas, and other products. When those didn’t work, he looked for something else. That’s when he tried Frontrow’s Luxxe Slim. It did not take long before he finally the effects.

He tried a lot of products Dave went from 76 to 58 kilograms. He achieved it through the proper diet, exercise while taking Luxxe Slim to get faster results. Credits: Dave Villanueva

He now enjoys a fit and healthy body. From being bullied to being shunned by his crush, he now flaunts a hotter body. Aside from that, he doesn’t have to give up what he wants to eat.

He tried a lot of products Luxxe Slim allowed Dave to enjoy life.
Credits: Dave Villanueva

So what is really behind Luxxe Slim’s effectivenes? Luxxe Slim has non-laxative L-Carnitine which converts fats into energy. It come out of the body in the form of heat, most commonly through sweat. Working out can be more productive as you will be burning double the fats than before.

Going on a diet will not be enough if you have an abnormal metabolism which ruins your plans to lose weight. Most people who gain weight easily have slow body metabolism. Luxxe Slim provides a solution by including Green Tea Extract to set your metabolism to normal. What you eat is what you get. And you get to enjoy what you crave for.

Dave is now confident. No longer shy from his crush, he enjoys life and no longer has to give up his wants.
Credits: Dave Villanueva

Do you want to lose weight too? Try Luxxe Slim now! Pair your work out and diet with the right supplement. Get that body you want in no time! Order Luxxe Slim Now!

Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione

Why do a lot of women love Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione?

LUXXE WHITE Enhanced Glutathione Received the following Awards:
2014 Most Effective Whitening Supplement
2015 Most Effective Whitening and Anti-aging Supplement
2016 No. 1 Skincare Whitening Product
2016 Most Powerful Whitening Supplement
2017 Best Quality Skin Whitening Supplement

Luxxe White Enhanced Glutathione does more than whiten your skin

According to WebMD.com¹:“People take glutathione by mouth for

  • Treating cataracts and glaucoma,
  • Preventing aging,
  • Treating or preventing alcoholism, asthma, cancer, heart disease (atherosclerosis and high cholesterol), hepatitis, liver disease,
  • Prevent diseases that weaken the body’s defense system (including AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome), memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Glutatione is also used to treat infertility


Achieving whiter skin is more than skin deep. Getting a cleaner body has a bonus: whiter skin.